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Phil Kohout - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Christoph Jordan - Drums
Florian “Captain” - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
TThe Story so far...  ...in 1989 Floh was born in Duisburg and 3 years after this his "MadDad" thought that Floh would need a brother to rock together with him. Such being the case Phil landed on planet earth.  At the age of 13 and 10 the dudes take their first music lessons, learning the "classical" guitar. By the way MadDad shows them all the great Music of the old times so that the guys enjoy it more and more. But after a short time at the classical guitar (approx. 3 weeks ^.^) it turns out that classical is not as cool as the dudes thought it would be (Or... did they even think at that time ? Who knows...). At this point in time Floh changes to Keyboard for 2 years, while Phil picks up the drumsticks. In between both start learning other ways of playing the guitar, as well as learning completely different instruments.  On that solid background they begin to form their first band "Undeafeated" with friends from their schools. First they start covering songs from A to Z like thousand bands have done before them but moreover little ideas for own songs start to develop in between. By completing some gigs the band achieves a little bit of local popularity.  But as every good story also this one here needs a turning point. That said it happens that all members leave the band after a time for some standard causes.  "So what to do know?" was the big question.  First of all the dudes play in various other local bands and do solo gigs at their (music-)schools, but deep inside they carry the wish of playing their "old" music again. Again and better than before. As it turns out that finding new musicians for Undefeated is nearly impossible they discard a part of the wish... ...and take a look in the future:  ,,What will life be like if we go the normal way of life? The one with good jobs, women and children. Everybody we know that took this road doesn't seem to be unhappy with that. So should we chose that way ? Sure it would be more than just logical to do so but then came...  ...the Calling. A voice deep inside that told us not to walk the normal way. A hammering voice that told us to go on another journey. A voice like a heartbeat. And also their dad instigates them to go out and play their music again for they shall not abandon their dreams. They toss the old memories of Undefeated overboard and start a new project with their own music: Cryosys.  Shortly after that MadDad takes the dudes to a professional Studio.  ,And that was the point where the voice inside said: “The Journey Has Begun..."   ...to be continued...
Bruno Branco, Guitar
.......Rock - Metal - Progressive Rock from Duisburg / Germany